Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This is the first post on this brand new blog.  In honour of this momentous occasion I shall provide a list of fibre-craft related terms in Esperanto below the cut. The choice of celebratory blog content most certainly does not have anything to do with the desperate need to know how to say 'knitting' in Esperanto less than five minutes ago. That was completely a coincidence.

  1. Fibre - Fibro
  2. Knit - Triki
  3. Knitting - Trikado
  4. Spin - ŝpino
  5. Spinning Wheel - ŝpinrado
  6. Needle - Nadlo
  7. Embroidery - Brodaĵo
  8. Yarn - Fadeno
  9. Dye - Farbo
  10. Sock - ŝtrumpeto (socks - ŝtrumpetoj)
(If you're wondering about the socks, it's because they're my favourite thing to knit which automatically makes them fibre-craft related.)  

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