Monday, July 29, 2013

The State of the Knit

I am currently working on three projects.
  1. A pair of size 11 (children) socks in a multicoloured acrylic for my niece.
  2. A black sweater in this pattern.
  3. A blue lace shawl (this one) in some blue cotton thread from Knit Picks.
So, how are things?

I'm decreasing down to the foot of the first sock. They're surprisingly soft for pure acrylic.

I've finished the ribbing for the bottom of the sweater and am working on the very long torso-y bit. Just started that, maybe 3 or 4 rounds so far.

I'm only on the 11th row of the lace. I need some wooden needles. I was trying to do it on my metal ones because I already had them but it's just way to slippery. 

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